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Exploring Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Frequencies with Shiatsu

January12th 2019  10am - 6pm  $200

Instructor- Susan Hare LMT

Join me for a fun day of expanding your Shiatsu technique. In this class we will explore the vibrational qualities of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the human experience. By adjusting the basic principles of our technique we can create treatment strategies to align with the specific vibrational levels. 

Contact - Susan at 503-318-7103 or


The Extraordinary Vortex

June 8th 9am-5pm and June 9th 9am-4pm 2019      $385

Instructor- Beth Hazzard LAc. LMT 

The 12 regular meridians represent how we are; the Extraordinary vessels represent what we are. They exist at the level of our being where spirit and essence synthesize reality. Come explore the deep and dense world of Jing. It connects us to our ancestry. It is the material basis for our physical bodies. Jing’s deep and dense vibrations allow the being to unify mind, body and spirit.

Contact - Beth at 503-544-7613 or


Quantum Shiatsu and Virtual Codes

April 14th, May 5th, and June 2nd 2019  10am-5pm  $450   

Instructor- Susan Hare LMT

The possibilities are infinite: Learn how to facilitate your patient’s ability to connect with the All That Is & flourish

  • Learn to work with the anti-pathogenic Ki and rev up the frequency of your patient to expand out into the ether body. This is the gateway to working in the multi dimensional realm of love, light and abundance... the 9 dimensions.

  • Tap into the 3-D Charkas via the meridians, stretch out to the 4-D 8 Chakra system and finally the 13 Chakra harmonic.

  • Connect with the Astral grid and move into the space of sacred geometry. We will work with the Flower of Life, Golden Spiral, Tree of Life, Vesica Pisces, as well as the Mer-Ka-Ba ... Our light-spirit-body.

  • Amplify the Astral grid, strengthen the pranic tube and be introduced to the 5 platonic solids and the activation of ones virtual DNA .

All of this work will allow your client to connect with their divine right to Abundance and the ability to walk in Joy and Ease. 

Contact - Susan at 503-318-7103 or 


Mature Light Body and Geodesic Grid Activation

Jan.28th Mar.11th Apr. 8th 2018  10am-4pm  $400

Instructor- Beth Hazzard LAc. LMT

I am thrilled to present my newest developments on the Mature Light Body activation and Geodesic grid work. These grids are the evolution of the Platonic Solids into spherical form. We will restructure the ether body with geodesic grids to create alignment with multidimensionality. 

This class will cover:

  • Exploration of the Platonic Solids

  • Advanced grid work

  • Activation of 33 strands of plasma DNA

  • Activation of the Shekinah or Sacred Dove

Contact - Beth at 503-544-7613 or